Location Photography

Welcome to my website, petspeoplepics.com.

I am Owner/Photographer Jan Forman. I have been doing photography for more then 30 years.

It has been my passion for a long time. It is my mission to help preserve the memories that are so important to our families at an affordable price. You pick the location you would prefer and I will meet you there.Plan on 1 1/2 to 2 hours for your session. People of all ages, all kinds of pets, reunions, parties, special occasions, classic cars & trucks, houses,sports, you name it. At the end we will preview the photos and download to your device or I will make a CD and mail or deliver to you within a day or two. You will have complete control of your photos. I do not hold you hostage for prints. The images are yours. 

I will ask if you don't mind, for a signed release to use photos on my website. 

I have a 51' Chevy pickup if you would like to take your photos in the truck.

The cost with the truck is $400 and without it is $300.

Don't put it off, time flies and you will lose the images of today forever.

Hope to see you soon!